Australia | Seasonal Interlude | My Life Through My Grandfather's Eyes

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I went to Australia to learn about myself.
I forget easily.
We all come from some upbringing with some habits entrenched.
It seems wise to elect which parental habits to embody and which to potentially skip.

I got to reading some of my grandfather's diaries. He wrote like like how I write.
I dug up some gems.
Quotes attributable to Ronald A Stott.

"Art needs evil?"

"What do people do with their Rolls Royce? Apparently not drive them."

"What are threats?
Land Degradation
Climatic change in a too specialized ag system
Nuclear war or nuclear terrorization
Social decline due to loss of purpose and challenge
Downward genetic drift."

"Why are industrial and political leaders such stupid shits? Because a random hierarchical selection process with fences to select people who take big risks even though the majority of them are discarded. Furthermore, even though their "correct" decisions are just luck, they will appear, especially to themselves, to be the result of superhuman brilliance, thus massively massaging their egos." In the time before computers, he wanted to build a computer model to prove this theory.

"Sport to Russ (my dad) and Hugh (my mother's brother) is a semi-religious compulsion that I can't comprehend." This is big for me because I inherited the religion and it has dominated my life. I wonder if I am underliving intellect that lives in me. I still actively prioritize the addiction of heavy outdoor play.

"Divine Sabotage"

Regarding the lack of political action in climate issues, Global Warming as the movement was called in the 80s. 
"There is also a more subtle risk. The threat of global atmospheric pollution had received the widest publicity and the endorsement of the great majority of relevantly qualified scientists. A leadership that takes no positive steps to eliminate or at least alleviate such an overwhelming danger loses credibility amongst the responsible intelligent citizens, particularly the younger ones. We cannot afford further alienation of our more intelligent youth."
I cried when I read this. It describes my life of hope abolished by my new ways of nihilism, and he wrote it before I was born.

What would Ron Stott opine is the correct way to live as "responsible intelligent citizens" today?

</RAS diaries>

I relearned that surfing as a lifestyle has a lot of room for inquisition.

"The hue of gold is hard to hold."

"Respectable" is no longer a commonly used adjective, yet I beleive the economies of respect in almost every interaction are an essential part of life and connection.

Rebellion against anything. There is value in remaining the rebel within, however it comes out.

The pure white bliss of a sun-coated cloud blanket and bass-drenched rhythm.

I understand now that my main pursuits in life are adrenaline infused adventure sports, macro systems understanding, and abstract intellect.

"I recognize that life is a dream, and I dream lucid." J Cole

I ended my last journal with a solid admittance that I am attracted to toxic lifestyles. I fall into ways that torment me eventually. I also recognize a duality (real or imagined) between a life of adventure sports or a life of art & intellect. Of course I want it all and sponteniety and chaos will determine what I ultimately get.

Australia inspired me to be confident in the abstract. The power to think, play, be. The privilege to understand. Inquisition.

"What are you committed to?" _phiz

Thought. Mobility. Impulse. Nature.

Mum told me she's dreamt hundreds of unacted ideas. I thought I inherited that from the other side of the family. I am content with my habit to continue dreaming. I just hope I keep acting on life as well.

"Does this nourish my soul?"_Bri Kellet

I asked a guy named Jace in a cafe "what is your favourite form of creative expression?" he answered "music" and then later he came back and said "the correct answer to your question is 'the self'."
I agree.

Soul Rampage

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