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Life has entered the chaotic.

I recently received some cliché life advise to find you passion and follow it. I discarded it immediately and then was stuck pondering what entirely is my passion any more. So I wrote.


Creativity. Precondition: must be useful to the world in order to execute commitment. This is a passion for the art underworld, the curious, the abstract.


People, interaction, life, & curiosity.


The ethereal and transcendental experience nature has to offer as well as the surreal that the human mind achieves in art, nature, human, or anywhere. This includes action and movement in these places as informed by outdoor adrenaline play.

Global-scale power shifts, macro systems understanding,  and eco-socio-centric solutions to global problems.

Curiosity and the essence of everything.



I went to a famous and important art gallery. I got in trouble for sleeping on the couches and I mostly looked at the sides of paintings anyways.

Knap lyfe.

I also spent an absurd quantity of time in front of a Rothko, normal Alex behaviour.
"Untitled (red)
Glue, oil, synthetic polymer paint and resin on canvas.
'I'm only interested in expressing basic human emotions - tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on - the people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them, and if you are moved only by their colour relationships, then you missed the point' Rothko.
The first time I found the Rothko collection in London I sat on the floor crying until Maxie found me. This is the art I live for in my understanding of what art even is. If there were ever useful wall art, this is it.

I got to visit Pat & Pat, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I even scored some life quotes.
"Bicycles are the most wonderful form of movement." _Patricia

"Marriage rings are a symbol of nonsense." _Patricia

Another gnarly journal entry. Two blogs in a row!
"I had a moment in which I could see my soul. It was a dark gold orb glowing, ancient yet young. Flickering molten flow contained yet uncontained; fire, explosive. It was reactive to input, in need of nourishing. It has a dark side. Black. Death. This soul loves to leap for this black side, yet the golden sides are all so connected and interrelated, the light gold, the black gold. Thrive exists when the gold is nourished."
This has references to many conversations and ideas in past journals, lives, and blogs. I learned over the years, that I have gold eyes. Nurturing of this soul is a relatively simple cocktail of community, proper diet, nature, flow, adrenaline, probably surfing, challenge, and contribution. The black side includes a relatively simple cocktail of anxiety, alcohol, sleep deprivation, caffeine overdose, pushing too far, and shitty food.

"What constitutes misuse of the universe? Greed." _Laurenti Magesa

"He is richest who is content with least, for contentment is the wealth of nature." _Socrates

I ran out of images from this period.

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