Summer | Pre Chaos

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These here words live in the retrospective.

A lot has happened since July 9, which apparently is the last stopping place of the blog.

We'll start with a Sun Tzu quote because I've been nipping my way through Art of War. 

"All warfare is based on deception."

I believe that I walk a tightrope with a fall into the unreturnable on each side. As I foray into the chaos harder, the consequences and possibility of finding them out become more drastic.

My life goals are accomplished slowly as I get distracted from distractions.

I work in the commercial and live in the underworld. Life loves duality.

Flower Violence

Meraki (n.) The soul, creativity, or love you put into something, the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

"Money is a tool, just a tool."
I also believe that money is sneaky with the human way. It will corrupt the innocence subtly and quickly. It is only a tool you command the power of until the money commands you, at which point you are the tool of the money.

Fun Share
Free Think

"The function of the imagination is not to make strange things settled, so much as to make the settled things strange." _G.K. Chesterton

I learned that I am confidently awkward.

I wonder if community must pre-exist for personal flourish or productivity.

"The one deep yearning of our lives: to be considered as great sinners. To let our vices be compared to thunder, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes." _Kundera

I try not to get overly possessive with things, but when security stole my old school Gerber leatherman I was sad. I forgot about the hip pockets.

I have a gnarly journal entry to share. Yay for vulnerability.
"Thinking too much, feel too little. How do I feel? Distant. I am far removed from all I love. I always was. I was bred that way. Jumping from one continent to another, never knowing what home really is or how to respond to family appropriately. This is the modern era where that will be normal though. The internet has become our family."
I am emotionally stable on this topic and have done the desert crossing. I have two parents with all the love the world ever offered. I live my inner duality with pride, a forced citizen of the world.

I am a big appreciator of the street crush. That moment of innocent lust often found on the street or the casual walkabout. Groc Out is a hotspot. Sometimes there is communication, often there is not. I had a recent encounter in the streets of Black Rock City in which Street Crush and I discussed the subject.

Pens bleed onto this here page. I love the stain of pen blood. It lives on my life-torn hands.

I like stains because they live between permanent and temporary.

Seatbelts are safety's illusion.

Attraction via the essence of style.
A mutualism, a deeper aesthetic understanding.
Deep in the dirt, what is that dirt made of? Is it alive?
Emotional chemicals and creative synergy.
Bonds that inform inspiration.

Compute. Generate. Bedroom. Magnify
That's the title of my premade set revolution coming to an art car near you because DJs are overrated these days and their egos are inflated for the wrong reasons.

Little photographic evidence through this phase of life. Mostly I just sat my booty on that black bike and rode it around in circles for months anyways.

I've been painting again. Seems I forgot to photograph much.

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