Zurich: Le Great-Glorious Blur

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I arrived in Switzerland without too much idea about what to do for a day and a half layover, until I knew. I knew so hard and so much that the obvious answer was to get on a train to Zurich (without a ticket so as to make the last train home) (almost get whatever massive fine/boot out of the country the instigative conductor had in store for me). Upon arrival is the Daria. The one and only. With beer. And friends. Not just any friends, but the rowdy crowd she is lucky enough to call co-workers. Journalists of the nouveau classe redefining news. Watson.ch Its german and local-ish to Zurich. But revolutionary in my eyes none-the-less.

So my time in Zurich included a full tour of all spots of import, bikes, frisbee, arguments about the import of Beyonce's life happenings, walks, frantic break ins, and sleeping from 5-11 am.

Home is in your head.

My thoughts on Switzerland drift to the idea of a place being expensive and thus a place worthy of avoiding. People say this about Seattle, San Francisco, Switzerland, London, etc. The opposite of Sicily, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, etc. I agree yet disagree. Good things happen in these "expensive" places. Like living wages, and social politics, uncorruptionish, etc. These are inconclusive thoughts to be studied.

On the topic electro/house/techno that I explore unceasingly, the US hip-hop craving journalists of Zurich call it Drug Music. Endless repeating thump-tac-thump. Brutally honest journalism is correct in a way. Drugs are required to enjoy it, or it is the drug some folks seek, or it just so happens that the general population of the crowd is high as fuck. Regardless, Drug music is an appropriate, if derogative, name for the scene.

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