NYC + Dresden

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NYC is a big city. On the surface I visited, it resonates much the same energies as the other big cities I frequent: Melbourne, SF, Seattle, London. More time required with the right approach.

While there, I decided that mayhaps art comes from cities purely by the random statistics of more folks living in cities. And maybe the lack of outside to play within. The other side of my own thought train would include something like: cities attract artists, wherein they congregate to collaborate symbiotically.

I noted that public transit does good things for journals after having been car-bound for so long. I also noted that wall-hung art is relatively useless. Maybe that is art's role, to be tangibly useless.

Street food is better.

Being in Moscow airport was slightly intimidating as I'd no visa nor any intent on visiting Russia in the current context of the world.

I decided to watch Steve Job's dramatic documentary. The dramatacist of a director had him say something like: the falcon in flight is the most efficient animal. The human is the least efficient. But a human with a bicycle becomes the most efficient. The macintosh will be like a bicycle for the mind.

The quote has been disproven, but it is the idea that counts. I resonate with it because I am particularly fond of both computers and bicycles, especially as a method of efficiency.

I ended up by random chance in Dresden (cheap flight) and Dresden is awesome. Way more awesome than planned. The counterculture is strong here. There is a district that contains the youth, the anarchists, the artist, etc. and it has its own rules so as to keep out corporate chains. There is an epic history to go along as well. And copious amounts of high-end, cheap, local pilsner. Supporting local is easiest when the local ones are cheaper than the imports, as it should be in a way. Also, it is only € 2,50 to and from the airport on the train. This is one quality I use to judge cities and their respectful airports.

At some point around here (until the current) I've become immersed in Henry Miller (Plexus) much as I did Anaïs Nin. Thusly, my vocabulary is expanding, my opinion about the world becoming more liberal than it already was, shits given about the powers-that-be, money, power, etc have declined, and a general thirst for over-indulgence has increased. My journal fills with Henry Miller quotes. Things like: "next to success, the next best things is to be a total failure." and "the past is a fabulous dream, distorted at will."

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