I Live in the Ocean

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I am near the coast. Le bord d'eau.

For some reason or another, the simplicity of life has melted into the ocean and books. Knowing myself, ever distracted by the curiosities of the world, much luck is required to end up with few pursuits. My own dogma tells me that "less is more" and I know it. Practice is harder, unless forced.

Luckily, and unluckily, my social light has been dimmed. I am learning to listen more than speak (again). I come alive in the ocean, where I am enrolled in the university. My classes are Current Trends and Moon Cycles, Wind Direction and Wave Mush, Wave Period and Emotion, Wave and Pattern, Wave Size and Muscle Growth. I do not know if I will graduate. It might be one of those degrees that rides a lifetime.

I have become hungry. I have begun to feast on books. Like food, they are filling, and when full, one can stop reading and start sleeping, or running, functioning or what ever else it is they should be doing. Since the Zurich post I have read 12 books and written an entire Journal. Sometimes I write here my synopsis of life from them journals, but It will take many posts. I will start.

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