Hyperspace Bellingham Flagstaff and Creative Influence

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/Tahoe punchingly.

I moved quickly and with mild insanity from Tahoe, through that car robbery to SF and beyond to Seattle. Seattle has become a warm nest in a way I never expected since leaving. I have decided it is a wonderful city for visiting, rather than living in. There was a delicious FCTRY party with much music and late ridiculousness, and a gorgeous van with boxed wine.

Up north I learned that dirty is relative. Dirtbag surfer sans shower for a week is very low on the totem pole of what it means to be dirty. Rotting crab shells and acidic chemicals are more intense by far.

Suzy is a babe.
I must have started reading books again. Keith Richards autobio this time. I am noting an intriguing connection between 60's Rock'N'Roll and house music. Maybe it's the lsd, the underground, and the youth. "Flamboyant and outrageous, quite honestly, pushing all the margins because it had to be done."

"everything has something to do with something; nothing is divorced." - Richards. 

His notes on Michael Cooper: "images had captured him." almost as they do a myriad of photographers. 

I sit here with the internet at my fingers contemplating this idea about creativity, that one must be alone to be truly creative. Away from society, facebook, and most importantly the other's in your craft. Creativity as defined: Pushing the boundaries of accepted understandings and ideas by making innovative interpretations, connections, creations, and productions.

Along this tangent; maybe to be an artist, and to be creative are not the same thing. Influence.

Some photos from our shoot in San FranDisco.

Nothing like that view!

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