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I woke up to the sounds of a raging argument. There was shouting to be sure. No sleeping in today. I trip over the fan to open up the twos sets of blinds (one a sheet) to peak out the window. I can see the 4 person war though half built brick walls, and odd-looking tropical foliage. I watch a large fat man struggling to hold up his boxers hollering his lungs out against a force of three women. One holding him back, the others yelling (this is the screech that woke me up). Eventually the man stomps off and I assume the war over, until one women returns to the path (there aren’t really streets, just stairs and paths) to publicly destroy a large pile of clothes with an equally large knife. 

I can't be sure about why we humans fight so much, or what infused this particular street fight. Maybe a difference in values. 
Woman shreds pants, Salvador

Kitchen Light

Coffee. Powder + Microwave

Our Favela, Salvador
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