I Consume; I am

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The shopping. The cleanest, safest, and brightest part of Salvadorian culture. Here we feel safest when buying. I consume, therefore, I am. A place where the food comes clean, there are no assaults, although there might be thieves, corporate thieves. Yet, it comes packaged in a bright plastic wrapper, and the original source of the product will never be known. It costs more than outside the mall, but its real, clean, and safe. 

Best of all, one can simply listen, view, and absorb the propaganda to know what to buy next. No thought required. This massive, excessively bright, new, and clean building represents man. It feeds on fear, and dictates how we ought act. We always get a 30% discount. 

It is our meeting place. We can park the car, drink some water, take some money out of the atm, and use a clean bathroom. All within our favorite safe place. We meet our friends, go out to lunch, then return. Our safe little hub. 
São Paulo


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