Christmas| Rio de Janeiro

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I started traveling around Brazil because supposedly I had to. I even worked extra hard in Floripa taking photos so that I had enough money to travel. I thought I had enough to do what ever I pleased. Which is exactly what I did in Salvador. Approaching the Rio part of the journey I realized I hadn't made many plans nor did I have enough money for a place to stay or more than peanuts to eat. I made it to the plane on the public bus in Salvador, which saved a lot of money. I got into the city of Rio form the airport on another city bus which also saved me precious pennies. Then I walked around for 4 hours or so with my pack just to see the city.
I found sanctuary with a friend of a friend. An american living in Rio. I got lucky. We agreed on life. Go with the flow. No plans. We thought about climbing the christ statue, or Sugarloaf. But we ended up just cruising around searching for a├žai and interesting looking people. I was only there for a few days but that included Christmas.
We made no plans for Christmas. We met up with some friends of his and went out to eat. Friends of friends of friends arrived an hour late in true Brazilian fashion, and the place we were going wasn't open to the public. So we went and bought beer, and searched for another place. Everything was going to cost double the 40 reais in my pocket. We ended up going back to the first place and they let us dine with their family. Kindness payed for my meal I think. Traditional christmas in Brazil involves baked animals, alcohol, and cheese, much like other places i've spent christmas. Only they add a bunch of tropical fruit.
Beer Santa

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