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We left Jesse's flat without saying goodbye. On this morning we decided to wage a collective war against the idea of "needing your space" and we all came at this from different angles. Our basic principle was this: spatial insulation and separateness between people is the biggest barrier to meeting true human potential. Physical insulation through space (single family homes, parking lots, soundproofed walls, gated communities, etc) and emotional insulation through space (social anxiety, need for approval, defensiveness, etc) serve as insulating fibers that disable collective potential.

We tend to figure out all of life's answers in the cab of our UHAUL. But somehow, when step outside again the world is smeared in another color, written in another language, different than the one in which we have been conversing. Sometimes you just have to take your clothes off and float - and that's exactly what we did at Orvis.

Skateboard + Alex = Love. Maybe lust. One day. More rivers. Jump into the cold water. It is always worth it! Hot springs. Detox and Revive. Little compares to Coloradan beauty. The mountains called. We answered. This is your milky chance. Jump!
Cooking once again. Been a while. Surprise! Vegetables!

Photo Credit for the following: Daria Wild.

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