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Personality. I have come to learn that I need people with strong personalities. This is a problem because I often find them slightly repulsive and their strong personalities are hard to rhyme with. This aside, I need them. Jesse, our local host lives this. We live the low life. Beer for breakfast. The high life for lunch and dinner. Defined by the finest Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine in the city. This mixed with Popeyes, where I'd never been before and will never be again. Sunset in the parks. The dirty parks of Denver have much to offer. Confluence Park: Swimming in Coors filth. Ignorance is bliss. Borrowed bikes. Jank and flow.

Within an hour of arriving in Denver I saw two of my best friends who had never met before building this ridiculous death-trap of a bike. Jesse and Alex are pretty different dudes, but day-drinking and bike-building have to be some of the most immediately unifying activities. Watching them assemble this dysfunctional machine brought me such a grin. The 'jank tank' as we affectionately called our last minute wheels, was crucial in facilitating our upcoming romps and pillages of the mile-high city.

Photo credit for the following: Daria Wild.

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