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There be photos a plenty from this town. And I managed to miss the most memorable sunset in recent memory, regardless of the wine soaked experience. Things lit up. People became softer. The sky was the distraction. Durango this time, was a combination of refuge at Laiken's mama's house and saturation in the downtown of Durango. We sleep outside, play games, oh, and we started a sandal company. Mostly because of Laiken's habit of chatting up girls in coffee shops. This one happene dot be a journalist. And Tired Feet was Born. The concept is upcycling, yay environment. Less Consumption. Yada. The point of the sandal company is to encourage others to create. Also to be the creator for those unable to create themselves. It will be a joint venture in sales and inspiring others. We are operating it through facebook.com/TiredFeetUpcyclery. We did also make the front page of the Durango Herald.

This is Will. The friendly banjo dog walker.

 This is a clay Japanese style hut in the hill near our residence.
 Super swell yurt

 Arguably the coolest house in the world. Yurt centered around a standing tree. full of all the best hippie toys ever, especially growing things.

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