San Francisco: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass!

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This weekend I went to San Fransisco. While there I met up with numerous awesome people from Flag, and met a bunch of people from the rest of the world.

I went for two reasons. The first reason is that I needed to re apply for a new Australian passport. So I did that, which was on one side of San Fransisco. Then I rode across the city with no real directions or reference points. I asked locals how to get to Golden Gate park and they sort of pointed in a general direction or got their iPhones out. After being intentionally lost for about an hour, taking a nap, and exploring the city that is San Fransisco I ended up at the park.

The second reason I went was for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. This, for me, turned out to be a 50 hour jumble of hoe down, naps, beach, bluegrass, bonfire, foosball, and all things associated with a 600,000 person free bluegrass festival. Some of the legendary acts I got to see include Robert Plant, Earl Scruggs, Hot Buttered Rum, DeVotchKa, the Devil Makes Three, Bela Fleck, and Buckethead, amongst others.

Someone thought it'd be rad to cut the straps on my bike rack a poach my bike. With that minor detail exempt it was a perfect weekend, otherwise free of me losing my belongings. While I do now get wet because I lack fenders on the bike I am riding, I can hope someone else out there is riding it around, and, well, not getting wet.

This is Adam, Annalise

Us being serenaded

Annalise O'Toole

Lexi Alseike


Our friend Steve (left), and potentially the best chicken dancer I ever met, Mike


Evan Aardal

Maya Cantlon

Psycho-awsome high five girl

The Wanderer


Collecting Can Man

Fitz + The Tantrums

San Fransisco Bay

Cuddle Puddle!

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