Flagstaff: Ultifest 2011

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Instead of traveling this weekend, we brought the party home. The girl's ultimate team, formally known as the Jines in the Pines, brought the south west ultimate people here under direction of the wonderful Kelsey Cvach. The event could not have run more smoothly, with the exception of untimely arrival on Sunday morning, but that is expected and proper after any solid tournament Saturday night. This was a high point for Flagstaff ultimate in my time here. I heard nothing but good experiences from all involved. Teams flocked from Phoenix, Durango, and Albuquerque. Unfortunately South West Regionals fell on the same weekend, so not as many teams came. It turns out Regionals was partly rained out, and almost a disaster. Maybe someone is saying something by giving Flagstaff the most beautiful weather ever for the weekend.

Flagstaff came through with 3 very solid teams. The wildest of the three, Zoomagedon, was my team. The hobos were seeking refuge in our zoo, after we showed them the advantages of living in cages. We even went undefeated until the final, which was a weird sensation for me, where we lost to the ugliest of the three, the Ugly Sweaters. Either way, Flagstaff was looking good.

The forest party Saturday night took place just out of town and, with the help of big speakers and a car, turned from bonfire, to dance bonfire, to pass out from exhaustion. While this arguably gave us a disadvantage Sunday, it was definitely worth it.


The thirsty coon drinks from the disk

Zoomagedon, bitch!



Ziggy tearin up the scene.

Jonny P. Zoo instinct, even in an ugly sweater.

Cuddle Puddle!

The gorilla seduces the giraffe

and the Lexi

Tom tom.

Dump again.

The finalists. Zoomagedon + Ugly Sweaters.

Me, being moved form front to back.

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