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This year I returned to the madness that is Powellapalooza. This is a festival put on by a crew of folks from the Salt Lake area in its second year. Last year we came up for one night of silliness, and it was fun enough to warrant returning this year. In an effort to help make the event happen combined with a minor lack of funds on my part, I decided to volunteer.
We (Xenia, Alec, Olivia and myself) drove up Thursday morning  to volunteer.  We then picked up the one known to me as Alicia Ridesharer from an alpaca farm just north of Flagstaff. We arrived at the site on the northern border of Arizona around noon and signed in as volunteers. The volunteer coordinator had been kind enough to give us all the same shifts for the most part, which made them all the more fun, even though they were parking shifts.
After setting up camp, digging out THE CAVE, erecting the flag, and befriending the neighbors (which we found we already knew), we started our first shift as parking directors. After "work" I went right on ahead and lost my mind for the first time over the course of the weekend at Beats Antique. They happen to be releasing what I am sure will be a really awesome album October 4th, which they played for us. There was a little bit of blur until Friday morning when we went to the beach on Lake Powell and listened to jammed form the shores. Some how I ended up on a house boat. I also saw Astronautalis who rocked it! There wasn't a super big audience which was rad because his set is super interactive, and we got to get all sorts of close. There are a plethora of pictures from his set.
Then we worked from 7 pm until 1 am. Halfway through this I was lucky enough to get a 40 minute break to go see Yonder Mountain String Band, which i bee-lined for right from my parking lot. In the crowd I met a rowdy fellow named Daniel, and we chicken stomped the show away. After my shift during a short nap I was awoken and told to report to security where Alec and I promptly had our wristbands cut, our deposits taken, were accused of stealing money from the festival, and told we could not reenter for the weekend. This ended our Friday night sourly. Luckily X, went out and raged the desert in our place.
Saturday morning we awoke and sorted out our disposition favorably after talking to our volunteer coordinator and paving out our criminal records. So, we went to the beach and partied in the marina for a couple hours before our next shift. I ended up in another house boat. The final shift on Saturday went quickly. Throughout this final shift we were brought breakfast burritos, taco bell, and some kind people from an RV brought us some thanksgiving style dinner. Finally we were free to roam. This found me jamming out to Slightly Stoopid, which was a lot of fun although disappointing. After the show, there was a very large cuddle puddle with lots of Flagstaff love.
Napped, caffinated, and ready, BoomBox began at 2 am. Never did I dance harder, longer, faster or stronger. Somewhere around 7 am, I found myself on top of a mountain watching the sun rise, which meant that I had stopped dancing. In between BoomBox and sunrise, I encountered pirates, some hardcore European dubstep DJ, a pirate ship, the Solar Saucer, Timmy Cruz (Legend), a random jam band, the artists that make up BoomBox, and some breakfast.
After a little nap, I packed up camp, returned to the beach, and threw some disc. Then we decided to head home. The only minor problem was that we could not find Alicia. She had disappeared. So we waited a little while before writing her an extensive note explaining why we had abandoned her. When we drove out the gate she called. We reunited and took off.
When we dropped her off, we got to meet the baby alpacas and I talked to the guy that ran the farm for a while. He is operating a commendable project with the goal of supplying Navajo weavers with alpacas to raise and harvest wool from.

Astronautalis performing amongst us

Astronautalis + Coloradan girl after his show.

Jonny! My boss.

Courtney Fey, Sunrise, Sunday.

Danny Warner

Alicia Monroy (Ridesharer)

Tanman (Tanner Rosenthol) reading me the first page of his book at sunrise on Sunday.

Sunday Sunrise yoga

Alec Mayes. Photo: Olivia Spencer.

Photo: Olivia Spencer.

Beach Party. Kylie's camera.

I missed Mimosa. Photo: Kylie Thogerson.

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