Ashwagandha the Chaos Ship

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I build systems.
My life might be a chaos ship but it hinges on design; pre-thought systems that plan for chaos.

Beauty is the only truth.
I have made some questionable decisions prioritizing the above statement recently, and the investment keeps providing high returns. I suppose I consider myself an artist. Such an identity would justify and encourage living in pursuit of beauty at the deprioritization of my other Schrodinger lives.

"Pluralism is the open-ended view, the multi-valued system, that refuses the intellectual simplification of reducing everything down to one or two, and insists on seeing, and valuing, everything that there is." _Ethical Slut

"No art is possible without a dance with death." _Vonnegut

"Everyone parts with everything eventually dear." _Time

Selfishness is required for sustained selflessness.

To send it results in getting there... most of the time.

I used to find freedom as a concept to be relatively abstract. I am learning more and more the true value of freedom in the American dream. The ability to drive to a desert and play. To create unrestricted.... by anything.
I believe Reno is one of many freedom-seekers' endpoint. Maybe one of the bigger gatherings of such people. The hazardous blend of desert and intellect lives there for the same reasons as the first burns. After the bay got crowded, open desert became the answer, but to find an oasis with water and community.

"Perfect is something you never actually attain, it's something you search for. Once you reach it it's not perfect. You've lost it. It's gone."
"There's very little creativity - in anything."
_Thomas Keller (French Laundry) via Bourdain
"Perfect, like happy, tends to sneak up on you. Once you find it, it's gone."
_Anthony Bourdain

Respect and the economies of respect is one of the most important elements of the human experience.
What I respect and what I do not is an abstract delineation, but very real. I have begun to call this concept "style." There is a deliberate intellect in style sometimes, while others just have swagger in their soul.

"They are beyond fear because they are forever young - gods." _J Depp.

At times, the creative winds blow behind you, at other times they blow over you, at other times they blow against you or distract you. And often there is no wind at all.

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