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"How much of the internet was influenced by the perspective of nineteen-year-old well-off white boys?"

The first winds of autumn. Crews of fluttering leaves patrol the streets. The haunted air. The barometric pressure before El NiƱo gets ramped.

Facebook =  Fully optimized growth haking aka "the constant pursuit of scale."

What is motivation anyways? I'll prove you. I need me to do. Lettuce accomplish!

I brewed up a special batch of the moment
The way of now, too passive for such saucy souls
Destruction | Dark emotion
Sold on a tease

October 5
"The weight of the situation is settling. This is about to be a long few months."

Transportation of heart

I have this theory running that vandwellers are inherently philosophers.
Informed by "philosopher" defined as "anyone who questions how to live."
Yvon Chouinard also is a philospher, and Patagonia is a philosophy.
"Beneath all forms of denial is the hope that someone else will figure it out or that technology will save humankind in the nick of time." _Chouinard

"To expect corporations to do anything other than amass wealth is to ignore our culture's entire history, current practices, current power structure, and system of rewards. Limited Liability Corporations are institutions created explicitly to separate humans from the effects of their actions - making them, by definition, inhuman and inhumane." _Derrick Jenson
My inner futurist is piqued by capitalism x AI.

Its ok to not be ok.

"It's easier to sell promise than product." _Ronny Bell

Success: designer children in designer schools, big house in the right hood, BMW(s), a housemaid for the big house.

Health, gypsies, artists, community.

I have this theory that instagram has successfully tricked the content creator into subtle humility.

Stability has become a problem on my left foot, which I cannot stand on.

Thanks very much to Zac who brought me chanterelles when I broke my leg.

Proper minimalism requires sufficient wealth in cash and ability/knowledge to not be over-attached to things. Maybe the truth lies in minimalizing despite that prerequisite | Monk.

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