Autumn - California

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For a long time I have been slowly becoming more Californian. Lately it has been sinking in. I realize that I am at home in the woods of the high sierra. I belong in the frigid water of the mid coast. I am learning to handle poison oak yet again. I used to think I would never be Californian.

I continue to test the limits of living in the back of a Subaru. I live in a house now. Van life trips. Mad taco vibes.

Ski season is on.

I am a beach bum by breeding. I aim to never forget.

I am trying to link the two ends of a duality I think about a lot. On one side lives the balance one must grasp in order to make life operate smoothly. On this side is play, laughter, flow, community. On the other side lives accomplishment in socio-enviro justice, often while not playing outside so much. That thing I studied on school. I notice that while living this life to pursue silly trips into the wilderness to play that I am neglecting to fight for the people. I believe there are links. The power to fight for the environment is often built by spending a lot of time in nature to stoke the fire within. There are communities built by these mutual interests. Here the duality can seem more whole.

This week there was a breakthrough in activism. A great many people stood up for an essential element of the world. I went surfing. There was movement in a positive direction. This fight is not over. I do not know what my future role might be.

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