Black Rock City III - Sunset

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Two years ago {and some weeks} a friend asked me to elect an intention before arriving at Burning Man. I tried to keep doing so. This year's: dwell in love. Once there, I was asked to participate in {and asked myself to participate in} several more intention settings. Among them: further comprehend my body and build a more thrive-prone mind, question everything, how will I create this next year?

Rant: Egotripping and Playa Genres

I had some thoughts out there about the ego trip of creating and sharing that creation. There is a confidence required in sharing (DJing for example, even if its not your creation) that what you are sharing is desired by your particular audience. Said audience then reciprocates by further hoisting up the ego of the sharer. I noticed, as Dancetonauts reappeared on the playa this year, how much they {subjectively} destroy the vibe (confirmed by reading round their website) but particularly that the DJ up on their ship thing ultimately believes he/she is the shit and the things they are blaring out of their mediocre sound system are wanted. {Subjectively} big room commercial house is the worst thing to hear near the man on Friday night, which got me on this thought train as I rode over to Disco Knights. Subjectively {again} things were on point (as they usually are yonder). I noticed, as I internally voiced by disdain and joy respectively, that my obnoxious little opinion is a part of the ego-hoisting that allows the Disco Knights to prosper in the face of haters of minimal heavy house, much similar to lovers of big room house hoisting the subjective shit that is Dancetronauts and their EDM. My point is that: as a creative person; beware the ego-boosters (false or otherwise), stay true to your own mission; share fearlessly, fuck haters; friends don't let friends eat farmed salmon or listen to EDM.

"My door's always open: I threw out the key." - Run Boy Run

On the topic of egotripping, I notice a distinct urge to have something I make blasted across the playa by someone else, without my consent, with no one listening.

I still murmur and ponder the values and virtues of creativity relentlessly. One of the main questions: what is creativity? doing something no one else has done? One some levels, yes. Getting there, I note, does not require doing only something noone's ever done. It simply requires doing. Anything will do. Then refining.

Burn the Man

Dancing in the Desert
Blowing up the Sunshine

I've never done a vertical portrait series before.
This is Sunset.

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