More Tahoe and I am a Nerd

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Tahoe continues to be nice to me. Lots of fun in the sun. Sunny park laps in spring are too much fun. and a bluegrass festival. I was super happy with the photos.

Going to Pumpkin's tribute helped me focus on what life is about. Life is short, and that's hard to always remember.

I am happy to report that I found Valhalla. It is a real place and Eric Pollard is a God of Skicraft.

In other thoughts: turns out that I am a nerd. I already knew this.

I will nerd upon books, and mathematics.

More importantly I will nerd upon what ever else it is I think I'm doing. Of course, who knows what I'm doing.

Lately it's been code and music. Not that I got very far.

The nerd inside of me is why I learned what I learned about cameras and photography, how to do a rubix cube in under a minute consistently, chess, skiing, graphic design, art, bike maintenance.

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