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I live in Tahoe.
I didn't entirely plan it, like just about the rest of my life.

Mum and E were going so I jumped on the bandwagon. The only difference is that I never left.

I don't entirely take pictures anymore, and so, this must live more as an adventure blog yet again... without so much the photo part. I do have some phone photos to contribute.

Life clarified a touch while I was living in Seattle. I realized that the pursuit of flow ought remain right in the center. I was sidetracked by the "real" world. I was just waiting to get out of the city.

Driving south, it all made sense. Vitamin D deficiency can only be cured by sunburn, hikes, hot springs, trail runs, mountain biking, and people. All of the things I'd needed in Seattle but couldn't quite find completely.

In Tahoe, I wake up, check the weather, go skiing (usually), go park some rich helpless people's cars, run around a bit, fraternize with the south Americans, and then sleep. Everything in it's right place. Happiness.

I went to Santa Monica to run aorund in the sand. It was pretty great. Sydney even donated her Hello Kitty fork to my life. It's now how I eat. Lei Out seems to have become an annual pilgrimage.

There was a trip to Santa Cruz; "the trip" perhaps, that never stopped. Pip goes, as Pip always does, to pick up madame Wild. When in the company of madame Wild, only good things happen. Adding in Laiken and Shelby only made it better. In this company it's the little things that matter, most importantly, just having each other, and chocolate, and Esalen.

Each visit to Esalen I ask myself what I'm doing with my life. The raging waters below, cool skies, and sulfur-flavored waters always know. I yearn a period of learning. This time french, surf, first aid.

Super mad big props and thanks to our vacant host SeƱor Koenig: Yojann the Brojann of Joejann.

Been eating lots of salsa


Santa Monica - Winter time

Madame Wild

The Pink Fucking Unicorn

Steamer's double overhead

Tacos Los Pericos

Big Sur w/ Krew

Steamer's + blankets

Adorable E + Georgia

E getting stuck in the plowder

Got a job as a valet to go drive Teslas around

Square Valley USA

Tahoe Backcountry Castle Peak

I noticed that these months have been a period of relative artlessness. I could take photos of what is going on, or I could just go on myself. I'm content as things stand, art or no art.

This final photo represents the best photo of my life that I never took, because I was too slow. Frame by frame (never actually shot) it deserves a description. To set the scene: we (Laiken, Shelby, Daria, and I) are in Big Sur mid-winter. 4/3 wetsuit season. We decide bringing the surfplank is a good idea as there may be waves, but the wetsuit is not necesary as there also may not be waves.

Regardless, it is certainly a good idea to surf mostly naked. We all jump in naked, except Laiken in his pubic-hair-protective-underwear, with the surfplank under Laiken's command. He paddles out to chat with the one other surfer in the water, spins around right quickly to catch the immediate wave and rides it well enough at least to justify paddling out again (much many more times than planned) Second wave is on point. Perfect execution, one turn round bottom, and right up on top. Two screaming naked girls cheering him on from the viewers right of photos. This photo that will never leave my mind's eye is cropped much closer than the included. Just the girls on the right, and Laiken up in the top left slashing the top of something head high similar to that crashing in the photo here.
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