Garupaba| Robbed

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We've been robbed. But this is ok for a few reasons. Firstly, the only things lost were a bank card and a school ID both of which have been replaced. Secondly, this is petty theft, nothing really compared to the greater robberies that aren't even illegal in our world.

17 year-old Lucas walked away with my shirt. There were some some id cards, sunglasses, and one room key. A key with the name and number of the hotel room attached. 

Upon trying to thieve the rest of our belongings form the hotel room, our friend Lucas was caught. We were still sleeping on the beach at this point. Eventually i woke up an began to wonder where my shirt had wondered. Around this time, the police arrived and delivered my shirt. We all went down to the station to figure it out. I learned much about the brazilian legal system. Basically, our ladron de galinhos, would barely be punished for this petty crime as he hadn’t actually taken anything of value. I received pressure to raise my $3 evaluation of the Kansas shirt. With some value, the local judge might be more pressured to press charges. The Kansas shirt was valued at $40.

I broke my sunglasses 4 days after. I think there was other forces at work. 

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