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I have been shooting at night a lot.
Life on the island is an epic mistura of attending class in English and breaking into the local culture in full force. For me this means many things. I have been doing photographic work in the local entertainment industry often. This requires português. I have also been cruising around the place whenever possible. I've made a fun habit of attempting conversation with the person next to me on the bus. This is easily achievable because I usually need help with locating my destination anyways. My study of generalizing Brazilians certainly would include the word friendly.

Brazilian time. Explained.
Things don't operate the same down here south of the US border in a place my dad calls  mañana-land (español) or amanhã-land (português).
This made the most sense through an anthropological analysis of why time matters so much in the US. This analysis requires that one step clear away from all pre-conceived western ideals, which for me was only possible by looking through the lens of the Brazilian anthropology class.
From this lens, time, being on time, fast, efficient, and the capacity to multi-task are values reserved for the western world.
The concept explains that throughout life in the US it is encouraged that you swim faster, are never late, and accomplish more than your neighbor. Competition.
In amanhã-land, tomorrow will suffice. 30 minutes late for class? Lets move forward rather than dwell. I thrive in this situation where unnecessary pressures are lessened, and life can be lived a little more. In brazilian time.

This is a photo from California, Brazilianized

Credit|Akira Oettinger who stole my camera.

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