St Louis + Colubia Missouri

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Couchsurfing provides. Often in odd ways. Our last minute couch requests were met with enthusiasm, almost exclusively after the night requested upon. Except for a few. One of those landed us in Columbia, Missouri. Our location is determined as much by these accepted requests as much as anything. Thus, we discover Columbus, Missouri. Home of Mizzou. Spontaneous soccer. Turns out, we weren't the first to decide jumping in the fountain was a good idea. Which it was. I don't do well with grass stains on my skin. The fountain was a must.
We drive the Uhaul. Her name is Daria. She carries furniture and good times. We left Nashville to deliver to Durango.
In Columbia we found Brent and camped in both his front and back yards. We also played a heck-like card game called Ligretto. Good game.

Photo Credit: Daria Wild

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