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Alex Ebert tries to minimize the distance between thinking and acting. Flow with what happens and what naturally seems right. Go cross-country. I asked around and found luck. I hopped in a swift ride with Kelcy and Kristen to Nashville. Before I knew it, I ofund Laiken and we scored tickets and a ride in to Bonaroo. A tall black man on the safety team told me "stop drinking, and start thinking." Or, maybe it was the other way around. And now it is tomorrow. I realized that I should try and figure out exactly what I saw and what was my favorite.
Paul McCartney was great. Ok, maybe we only saw Hey Jude.
Empire of the Sun: religious experience. All the way through Boyz Noise.
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros: magic.
Amadou and Mariam: Bounce.
A-Trak layed us a dance party. As did Pretty Lights, and Holy Ghost! Hula hoops are cool. Especially with lights in them. Frisbees, it turns out are all about giving and receiving.
And, if you ever have the opportunity to experience a silent disco. Do it.
Milo Greene, Of Monsters and Men, and Lord Huron kept me fueld on beautiful vibrations.

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