Chavez + Wet Beaver + Tucson

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Easter Sunday we went south. Jess collected Rosie whom collected Julian. Dallas and I joined in and we walked up a ridge so we could observe a wild Julian strutting in the forest. We saw bears. We then lounged creekside all afternoon before making the obligatory stop at Chocola tree. Tucker stole the spotlight. Understandably.
After a week of super hard work at school I was yet creek bound. This time we ended up at Wet Beaver Creek with the majority of the Mudheads. We hiked through the dark to find Dallas large and in charge of a full back country kitchen. Local beef burgers accompanied whiskey aside the fire. The stars brought on sleep. I woke up for a short hike up to the swimming hole where I observed yoga, fly fishing, and 'breakfast'. A day isn't wasted when you're sitting next to a creek. This comes with a little more sunburn.
Wet Beaver Creek is 1/4 of the way to Tucson so we drove to Dad's house for dinner. Mister Asher Caplan persuaded Ashley and I that it would be a good idea to drive down town to dance. I was lucky enough to witness Asher bust a move. It was nice to see some familiar faces. In the morning we tried riding to breakfast with the temptress. The juice bike failed to carry two, and thus we drove instead.
After a quick visit with Grandma we cruised back up to Flagstaff with a pit-stop or two.
Tuck + Alex + Avocado

D + R
Uke Master: Dallas + Rosita + Miso
Jess + Julian
Jess + Julian
Pre-run Stretch
Mo Tuck
Tuck Driving
Tucker Driving
Tuck Trip
Wet Beavers
Derek n Co
Night Hike Prep
Ashley + D
Yoga n Gates
Tree Pruning
Alex taking a picture of Josh observing the pruning process.
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