Grand Canyon + Sedona

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I cruised down the Grand Canyon for a stroll. Emancipator played an amazing show at the Green Room. I also walked around Sedona for a day. There are some pictures of that too. It turns out that I live in an amazingly beautiful area.
 photo Canyon-3_zps871e8064.jpg
 photo Canyon_zps2930c174.jpg
The Road Goes On
 photo Canyon-5_zps00536f4f.jpg
Le Grande Canyon
 photo Canyon2_zps747a7bee.jpg
Bright Angel
 photo Canyon2-3_zps5fe4e0a7.jpg  
 photo Oranges_zpsa488e8a2.jpg
 photo SunSet_zps06ed29df.jpg
Sunset Picnic
 photo Ashley_zpsbae0f358.jpg
Bear Mountain
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