Throw Down Chow Down: Las Vegas. Winning!

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This last weekend Alan Splitter, Glenn Lovelady, Ty Ballard, and myself ventured up to the land of deserting dreams; Las Vegas. We went to ride in a rail jam set up by Powder and Sun named Throw Down Chow Down. We left Flagland around 4am on Saturday. This placed us fashionably late for the contest at Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort around 10. Once we did get registered for the contest, we hot lapped for a minute and then the contest got rescheduled due to weather. We got refunds and rode some more before being relocated by ski patrol off the mountain. We returned to Vegas and commenced the usual misadventures of Vegas' strip around 2pm. The others, over 21, went out to see Skrillex while I read the history of Santa Fe's culture back at the hotel room.

On Sunday we again arrived fashionably late after my ever so slightly hung over friends and I drove back up the mountain. We had a grand day of riding (my first of the season on a mountain [excluding Saturday]). We rode well in the contest and chowed down on some super-spot-hitting carne asada. Alan, Ty, and I all made finals making up 3 of 6 finalists (only 2 skiers entered the contest). Alan stole a win in the snowboarding by destroying the down tube set up. I won too. We won some gift cards to the local snowboard shop which we decided to spend that night. This took a long time. We ended up back in Flag around 12pm Sunday night for some much deserved sleep.

Not much camera use.


SRG's built in milk carton holder.

Alan. Finals. Photo:

Me. Finals. Photo:

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