Tucson: Hoasis

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Flagstaff decided to send a team car to Hoasis in Tucson, we called ourselves the lost kids. We went down on Friday afternoon. We got a call half way to dad's house that the tournament was cancelled for rain in Tucson and it might be moved to Phoenix. We really became the lost kids. The pull of enchiladas and home brought us to Tucson anyways, where we were told that it was indeed moved to Tempe. So, we drove back to tempe, and slept spent the night at the Petting Zoo. I was awakened at 8am by a call notifying us that the rest of our team was stuck in Flagstaff because of snow. We still went to the fields and found Jamalbuquerque was also missing players. Here was born Jamalbuquerque and The Lost Kids. We won some and lost some like usual. It was a good day all around despite the slight rain showers, and general disorganization. At the the end of the day (after much nutella, and then a TJ stop) we decided to go visit X in Tucson to celebrate life. In the morning I woke up on the one and only Laiken Jordhal's couch and tried to organize waking people up around 8 and convincing them to come pick me up with my phone so that we could make our game at 9am. The tournament had been moved to indoor in Tucson on the Sunday. We didn't make our game so we went home, stopping at James' parents' house for green chili burgers, which were delectable.

Yes. A horse can in fact clean carpet, and is very good at it.

Spirit Circle re: Steve Vihel.

Why we get to play ultimate.

This guy's lost.

This one too.

Her too.

Field side dance practice.


Home is under the mountain.

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