Photos From Less-adventures

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I have a plethora of photos which haven't ever been posted up around here. 

Food I made from scratch over the last few months that turned out picture worthy. I do love cooking if you ever care to come eat with me.

There are some pictures i have on my computer of art i've made new and old.

Some photos from photo class.

Lastly, there are some pictures from the Free Compliments Initiative which we spawned through the NAU Office of Sustainability. The concept is simple: free compliments will hopefully make for a positive space encouraging a healthy campus. We I get up early and battle the cold each Wednesday morning around 8.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Gluten/Lactose Free Pumpkin Pie


GF Blackberry Crisp  Soggy

GF Pancakes + Lucas' Blackberry Syrup

Ken's Zuchs.

GF Seasonal Sheppard Pie.

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo

Charcoal drawing of mum I made in highschool.

Whiteboard painting.

Class doodling.

Elden Under Cover II

Kennedy in his element.

Jeff Beene. In-class shoot.

Family Portrait
Free Compliments Initiative.

Nick manning the sign.

The results of free compliments as seen from after the compliment down the way a little.

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