What is Srg?

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Srg is my car, partner in crime, and for the last six weeks also my home. I have found that a combination of camping, couches, and the back seat of Srg provide a good base for getting out and exploring.

Since i've called Srg home, he has been pumped full of gas in Flagstaff, Scottsdale, and Selligman, AZ; Vegas, Reno, and Gardenerville, NV; Mammoth Lakes, CA; Brooks, Klamath Falls, Portland, and Pendleton, OR; Boise, ID; SLC, and Panguitch, UT. In order to hear about that adventure, I recommend heading over to the trip blog that i write regarding all adventures ski related.
Steez Gear Goes Hood
I've learned to live without perishables, and generally without cooking utensils, although friends have proven Emily Dickinson right: "My friends are my estate." Showers, ovens, couches, ice, and kettles are amongst the various really handy things the awesome people I call friends have helped me out with.
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