What is Pip?

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Pip represents the spirit of adventure. This can be easily redefined case-by-case and person-by-person. For me, Pip represents saying yes, going places, leaving "home," learning, trying new things, meeting new people. In a decision making situation, one can ask oneself: what would Pip say? I try to follow Pip even though I don't know where it will lead me or what or who Pip really is. The idea is that I will be able to collect all the things I learn and make the best from them, because at age 19, I don't know much.

In other news, I just got a new camera and am at my dad's house preparing for departure to Europe in a week.
About this blog: I never blogged much before, and I never read any really either, so I'm just going to write here regarding the trouble I find.
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