Squaw Valley

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The valley stoke is low and flowing right on down the Truckee river. This place requires an abstract culmination of weather patterns to land light fluffy dry powder snow for the skiing. Without the communal level of flow, timelessness, stoke, and general living in the now, something is lost. The human energy is depleted.

I often wonder about the relationship between supply and demand in the case of skiing or surfing. In a certain scenario one might score the chance to ski bottomless powder on steep declines with fast-moving chairlifts and the protection of human interference in avalanche hazard all damn day for weeks on end. Does the fact that this concept remains elusive raise its value and/or would experience that scenario get old?

Mountains teach humility and patience to those who listen.

I believe the cryptoverse has arrived with plans to remain a part of the human experience and likely inform the future pathways of ownership and funding.

"Nature loves simplicity."

Nature has a mechanism that rarely fails to amaze me. The purity of beautiful things observed beyond human interference has a way of demeaning human-produced beauty.

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