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It should be noted that I idolize the creative output and approach of Romain Gavras.

I am coming to believe that my appreciation of aesthetics is highly abstract. The logical connectives are too stretchy.

Ever since I first saw Lion King I have had a mind image of Rafiki asking "who are you?" I figure I will never fully know, but I am content with the progress that has been made. 

"Sonder: the idea that each other person is living a life as crazy and complex as your own."

A touch of rain
The orange burning leaves
Seasons change
Wheels spin

Lost to the gods of mountain biking and psy trance.
Riding around on the ethereal winds of imagination.

Cosmos = order
An endless journey to understand the essence of everything.

"I am Califonia
Can't you see
Wherever you roam
You'll always want me"
_John Craigie

Growth can occur in an infinite manner of ways and places.

I am grateful to be surrounded by the people I am surrounded by.

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