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The eclipse was a more insane experience than anticipated. The week consisted of many trains and tunnels of themes and thoughts. Early on I was introduced to thinking of the electro-magnetic receptivity of a horse's heart which is (according to a friend) sufficiently sensitive due to its size to detect the intention/vibration of other beings in its presence, and also why animals (notably dogs) interact in semi-circles. As the week wound and wove I came to an understanding of festy dance floor energy as a palace of general good vibes, and I do admit that all the drug abuse may chemically/artificially inflate this. The actual eclipse was a moment of apexed human love and positive charge/vibration. Call me a delusional hippy if you want, but the understanding I left the eclipse with was clear.

The was and will be a collection of ideas surrounding the eclipse. Some of the ones that stuck with me:

A rebalancing of feminine and masculine energy in each modern citizen of the world and the socio-political climate. It is a delicate balance, and I know no concrete answers, but many elements of our political system could use a motherly touch.



Mother. Earth. Each of our own personal relationship to the idea of mother, our personal mothers, our lovers, the givers of life. Respect.

There was a global representation filling in all of the places I have lived, places I identify with, and languages I understand. I came full circle to an understanding of what many before me have concluded, and none say it better than:
we are all reflections of one another
“within you another me & within me another you”

I kept hearing all week variations of:
We live in great abundance.

"When you feel inspiration there is responsibility to use it."

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