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I have been reading again. Sometimes it's a drug that disallows other good things, the way coffee disallows sleep. Sleep can be a good thing.

Bikes and books.

After some thought, there is a chance that photography represents concrete creativity. As per a certain portugal-inspired discussion with Laiken about the worth of tangible creativity as compared to lifestyle, conversational, or activity "intangible" creativity.

Seems I'm in another swing to the extreme as always might be my life.

Bellingham might be the land of milk and honey, if you can afford to survive here. Like Flagstaff, there is more demand than supply for jobs.

I found a quote I've been longing for this month:

"Environmentalism had left the wild behind in favor of "sustainability" he thought, "an entirely human-centered piece of politicking, disguised as concern for the planet." _Paul Kingsnorth (Paul Kingsnorth is the leader of a thing called the Dark Mountian Project, a collective of writers, artists, and philosophers that are lost in the post 2008 economic situation and have a pragmatic view of something called "ecocide" which allows that our yuppie environmental self-centered purchase-centered ethics are really not going to do shit)

It hints subtly or not-so-subtly at the war inside of me about the plausible co-existance of consumerism and the future of human kind. There is even a note on the "sustainability" of human social justice and the idea of natural environment.

I think I'm going to buy an eco-friendly TV in order to watch copious quantities of Planet Earth while consuming copious quantities of organic ganja.

A friend of mine recently died from doing drugs at a party. I found out on facebook. He once offered me ayahuasca. I declined.

From a euro-centric WW2 view, America once housed the exiled intellectuals. I believe that blood still surfaces to make America great.

Our dents make us who we are. We carry them. I heard voiced why I keep my faded, matte, dented, torn, abused, and loved possessions.

"I took easy love because love is hard to find.
I took to the underground because I didn't like the sounds of the city."

"Non-cluttered space in a beautiful place."
_Cyrus Sutton on why the world loves #vanlife

Blackberry jam and hazelnut butter. PNW yo.

I recently read a funny article about instaram "influencers" who are skinny and post food photos but don't eat the food. It made me laugh. 

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