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Returning to Flagstaff is generally an intense or hyper-passive experience. This year it was intense but lapsed with an exhaustion that I couldn't evade.

I notice finally that I am patriotic. I love the USA. It's been a lifelong struggle to love like that. Funny, because it's 9/11 right now. Life is a dreamscape like that.

"Intellectuals are useless chatterboxes."- Herman Hesse

"the kingdom on the other side of time and appearances." - Herman Hesse

La dynamique de l'illusion.

I am river.

Doubt yourself.
Trust yourself.

"The storm is you." - Haruki Marukami

I found a dead balloon in the forest. The foil kind filled with helium to which kids hitch their dreams. I'd always wondered what happened to those dreams. I suppose they land somewhere out in nature stagnant, not even biodegrading. They host little pools of water and keep spiders dry.

Notes from the phone cam including some Europe too.

In a French department store

A multi-skin-toned gay couple have a daughter (sidewalks of Prague)

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