Black and White Rock City | Burning Man 2014

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I took some photos and video at Burning Man.
I found my people.
The weirdos.
Art for art's sake.

I wrote this about my set of art and creation.

Burning Man 2014. I design on a fluke of inspiration. Some say champagne and playa dust have a synergistic effect. This collection serves my intrinsic little spark that chases beautiful things. Surreal has reserved an emotion in itself. 

The set is named Black and White Rock City. The hardest art for me is the struggle with simplicity. Black and White is a form in which I can dwell simply and smugly.

Burning Man means a lot of things to a lot of people. As a virgin it was difficult for me to give as much as I felt compelled to do even giving everything I'd brought. As such, this imagery, and the hours I'll spend, is my gift to our burned community and beyond.

A selected set of photos is on my website.
and all of them are on facecrap.

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