Summer 2013 Part I: 3 Music Festivals. 2 jump starts. 2 push starts. 2,542 Photos.

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14,000 miles. 6 Music Festivals. 33 cups of coffee. 1 caffeine pill. 2 jump starts. 2 push starts. 2,542 photos (until I import in 10 minutes). 23 sweet potatoes. 12 tins of smoked oysters. 6 bags of goon. 4 new dance moves. Bagfulls of love.
Where exactly have I been this summer? I couldn’t keep up the blog. So here’s a recap. The last blog was in Isla Vista. The day after that we drove without tickets to Lightning in a Bottle. We got tickets by sheer will. I took photos. They got published. We went to Santa Cruz. We cried. Visited airport departure gates. Went to What The Festival as press for
Photos from What The Festival.

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