A Journey through LA, STRFKR, Airports, and Madness

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This a journey into space with a place for time. No man knows time. 
I do know I was once stuck in Minneapolis for 14 hours recently. A nice airport to be stuck in.  Miss one plane. Catch another. Receive ridiculous Delta charges. Carry on. Arrive in Brazil. Fly some more. Surrounded by strangeness. 

There were gangster bears involved in last weekend. They reside in bathtubs in Santa Barbara. And then there was Will. And a music festival. I went with out my camera to ensure extra strangeness occurred. FuckYeahFest2013. Crowd surfing to STRFKR. The best of sports.

There was Vincente, The Standard Hotel (rather above my standards), sunflowers, and tacos de cabeza. Gas station coffee, unending conversations on the quality aspects of life.

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