Santa Barbara + Little Caliente Springs

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Farmers Market. Delerium. So many peaches. Mango peaches, purple peaches. We should have a pet basil plant. Poor logic. That sleep. That lucid property of human requirement. Finally.

Sands. Oceans. Waves. With Spencer, Yess and Tucktail. Lets drive up that sunset mountain. Daria stole my surfboard. CO-OP! Maybe beach rave first. CO-OP! Ginger Beer + veggie chips = great decisions as affirmed by Jimmy. Affirmation required.

In a car. Disoriented. Rocky roads. Civic drifting. Corina in control. Drive it like you stole it. Glitch Mob encouragement. Liquid encouragement. Hot springs! Sulfur. No moon, no light. Tripping, was that a metaphor? Embracing the questions on life, in the liquids of life. Is control an illusion?

Where did this great mustached man come from? Arwin. Dad? He knows where to get the goat. The Horjava. The Chilaquillas.

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