Malibu + Isla Vista

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I hit my head pretty hard surfing in Malibu. So we got Mexican food and snacks. Tripa turns out to be tasty. Papaya hits the spot in the morning. I have since learned that 80% of Hawaiian papayas are GMO.

Santa Barbera. Beautiful beach sunset. Dashain. They have the beautiful flowers.

I have yet again found myself in Isla Vista. This time Sunset house is a beautifully flattened patch of dirt. We still found the love in Dashain, and sands. The water was sufficiently cold enough to inspire core shivers in my spring wet suit. So I elected beach running instead.
Tucker. Inspiration. This man is Charge Boss Number One. Responsible for fueling our trip with all sorts of delectable raw Charge Boss Fuel. Also responsible for being a great guy and probably the best surfing advice I've received to date: "You've got to put your heart into it."

Isla Vista is unlike anything I have known. It made me wish I was 18 again so I could emerge myself more youthfully in the madness - so I just pretended I was for an evening of indulgence. Woke up early the next morning, threw on the sandy wetsuits and had the best surf of the trip. It was after this moment that I began to find myself smiling unknowingly and uncontrollably for days at a time.

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