Early Ends + More IV + San Diego + Tucson

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Our trip ended a spot early. We all managed to get a touch of cold virus in our systems. This didn't slow the train down. It just sorta fell off the tracks. The tracks were aimed at a couple nights of adventure and surfing in Isla Vista. Well, the train cruised over night to San Diego and right on into Tucson. We used a pool to swim. It was not the ocean. While, we might have been in California, we did most certainly enjoy a career highlight in the voyage of Alex's cooking by way of Thai Curry. The ginger slurpy certainly helped.
We finalized the revenge on early returns by visiting Laikens old roommates and having ourselves a time including Tacos de Cabeza for breakfast. This, much like it sounds, involves corn tortillas, cilantro, lime, and meat from some part of the head of the cow.

I find myself, with internet (hence the pictures), in Flagstaff yet again reconvening with the great people that inhabit Clay Casa. Adventures continue.

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