Loft Life + San Fran + 21

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Its' been a while. A few months. Whelp, since Ultifest, I've been skirmishing with inner demons mostly. I moved into the loft of Clay Casa Industries some time in November. Loft life is pretty rad most of the time.
I went to San Fransisco for Hardly Strictly Blue Grass some time in October. I went to Australia to get homey with mum + brother some time in December. I went to Phoenix for a rained out and cancelled New Years Fest some time in January. At the end of January I turned 21. We celebrated this 4 nights in total through out January. There was a Schizophrenic Formal on the actual date.
I have secured a pretty cool job at the NAU office of sustainability. My title (which keeps changing) is Sustainability Engagement Specialist. I am working to promote the Better World Film Series which is a collection of really rad documentaries.
I started skiing again on select afternoon at ye local Snow Bowel. It has been splendid to stoke up and down the hill on the lot hap schedule.

I have these here scarce pictures from this 4 month period.

Joe the Bum


San Fransisco

Free Tibet!?

Super Awesome Top Secret Camera Project

Mac Attack

Julian rocking the stache.

Meadow Love

Mangoes in Aus

Pollen Arts Tour


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