Country Flat Farms + Monterrey Bay

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I find my self working on this majestic piece of land. I live on Country Flat Farm which is the brain child and life work of Peter Eichorn. In addition to all of the stuff produced to feed the crew, Meyer lemons and honey are the cash crops. In the past the farm has done all sorts of things including a 30 family CSA venture. There are two guest cabins for eco-getaways as well.

The experience is unique in a million ways. I am working under the scrutiny of top-dog Peter. This means that work entails what ever Peter might at any given time decide is a good idea. And sometimes we must think like peter "the highest quality action that makes the least sense.' All of Peter's ideas are sincerely for the best in the name of global sustainability on the highest level through quality action. Peter is, at any given time, attempting about 382 separate missions. The same as how I think. The result is that I am frequently using my time in questionable ways based on some funny priorities. I work with co-Wwoofer Mike from Florida to do most of the work, which keeps things interesting.

So far I have learned that roto-tillers are not very zen, which means that shoveling grass over and covering it in wood chips is the correct method to build soil and weed under the fruit trees, which must be covered in net in order to prevent the birds from stealing the peaches. The point is not the one-day-peaches, but rather the health of the soil, the organisms, the peace and quite, the trees, and the birds. The action has little regard for time or money. It is a beautiful thing. The entire property is the result of such work over the entire life of one never-tired man and all that have come, assisted, and gone here over time.

I have gotten to experience the large colonies of bees, eggs, the perfect meyer lemon, the yurt (which is home), the house and two guest cabins of architectural wonder that Peter built, the enormous avocado trees, and the garden beds. We've picked wheat by hand, grafted avocados, and harvested honey this week.

We are a perfect few miles out of reach of the cell phone service which is nice. We cruised around the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and hung out with the marine life yesterday.

The food here is a highlight for me (organic obviously being that we are working on an organic farm) and we are being looked after well. I have meant to take more pictures but haven't quite done that.





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