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I moved into this awesome house a couple months ago. I have 3 of the most awesome room mates imaginable, and anything flies around here. There are three huge dogs, Obie, Lala, and Jobin. We are next to down town, and have prime sunset viewage. There is a huge garden, dog yard, front yard, and bike shed/garage. We are trying not to use central heating because we have a boss wood stove, but recently it's be getting mighty cold.
We have been getting a few couch surfers and frequently there are lots of drifters about. The house is really open to anyone who needs some tea or a sleeping space regardless if it's because home is too far away and too much alcohol was consumed or otherwise.
Front Door! Open to anyone.

Lars, our 3rd couch surfer.

Eidan, couch surfer # 2.
Couch # 2.

Jobin, black lab in residence.

Living room.

Some random getting his class on.

Obie, couch surfing.

Devon. Roommate.

Amanda. Roommate.

Sam. Roommate.
John, drifter in residence.

Kitchen window.

Front Yard.

The Tiger In My Corner.

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