Grand Junction: Disco Trash!

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I went to Grand Junction, CO. It was beautiful on another level especially with the insane clouds from the storms passing through at the same time as us. We brought 5 guys and 10 ladies from Flagland to make up our team, Disco Ballin/Trash, and most of Durango's team too. We won some, we lost some. It rained some, and sunned some. There was some bowling alley adventures, and a massage train, boat races, and a carnival. We even watched part of the Notebook and had a game of Catan. What more could you want in a weekend?

Field View: 360 degrees of mountain.

Patriotism on Veteran's day.

Brad check.

Pastel Sky

Margaret reading to Brad while driving.

Family Portrait?


Rain, Sunday morning.

Dicso Thugs.

Disco Trash!

Gas station disc, a part of every road trip.

My eye.

This was on the drive there.

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