Road Trippin With My Two Favorite Allies

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The last 2 weekends I have been abroad playing ultimate. On the 2nd of September I went to Durango Hat with a plethora of other Flagstaff people where i was placed on a team of fun lovers from all over the south west. Captained by the lovely Whitney Rooney, we named our selves Slightly Inappropriate, which really just made for a slightly inappropriate weekend. I didn't really have my camera out all that much, but there was lightning, sun, hail, camping, fire, dancing, and Chad.
On the way home, while flying under pilot Sling Eller, we ended up getting a tour of some dinosaur tracks, skeletons, fossils, etc. by a rad local native. He made sure that we, actually, knew all about the place.

This last weekend on the 7th I headed East yet again, this time to Santa Fe Savage Sevens. This tournament involves playing 7 on 7 to 7 with no subs. It gets pretty savage. We forged a co ed team mostly from Flagstaff with the addition of some Albuquerque folk. We, the Huck Buddies managed to go the whole weekend with out a win, which is completely fine by me. There was some high level ultimate going on, and mostly awesome weather. In addition to the normal tournament happenings, the after party was in Santa Fe's only roller rink which exposed me to the fun of roller skating, and I learned more about the geometry of a banana.

Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies

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