People Watching and Picnics

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I am now on Crete. I wrote up a big old post to post when in Roma, but the internet device malfunctioned and i didn't feel like rewriting it. So basically, to sum up Roma, it was mighty beautiful at night, and we decided that we are very good at people watching and picnicking. We held picnics in the Colosseum, Pompeii, Vatican, and assorted gardens and grasses all over Roma. We also have had good experiences with food when eating out even thought not eating wheat in the country of Italia is very problematic. The flight to Crete was seamless, and we stayed that night in Heraklion, and are now in Rethymnon which has no decided English translation. The locals and fellow travelers here are all super fun.
Greek food so far has been great. Lots of olive oil and great meat, with plenty of vegetables. There is all sorts of bootleg wine and liquor for sale in the streets. Over all the food is tasty and uniquely Cretan and good, as long as you watch out for the locals that will attempt to swoop you in from the street and feed you their raki, which is a grape fire water of sorts. The beach is treating us well.  I think we'll make it through this one.

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